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Posted: Sunday, June 4, 2017 9:08 AM


I have a specific fantasy I've played out in my head a bunch the past couple of years and I think its time to make it a reality.

It basically involves a lapdance going "too far".

I come over to your apt or house because you want to practice giving a lapdance. Maybe you're a dancer and between jobs, or are thinking about auditioning for your first stripping job, it's up to you, but that's why I'm there. The lapdance is going well, but you're getting kind of hot. You take off your jacket and continue, and as you continue the lapdance, you realize you want to keep taking things off. Not because it's too hot, but because you didn't realize how exciting it would be to take something off in front of someone. You're not quite sure you should though, since you had me come over with just a lapdance in mind and not a striptease, so you get shy and ask me if it'd make me uncomfortable if you stripped, too. Luckily, I say that it wouldn't make me uncomfortable at all.

You continue the lapdance while slowly taking off your clothes piece by piece until all that's left is your bra and panties, facing me. You suddenly realize that during the lapdance, you've gotten closer and closer to me, and now you're practically dry-humping my pants, grinding right up against the crotch of my jeans. You ask me if my jeans are getting in the way, and I say yeah they're kind of digging into me at this point. You agree and say that they're a little awkward to dance on... and then you hint that I could take them off if I wanted to. I go ahead and slide them off. You straddle me again and continue lapdancing, getting closer and closer, until you're grinding against my dick through my boxers. It suddenly feels really good for both of us, and you get into it even more. You start to forget that this is even a lapdance as you hump my crotch.

As you're humping, you suddenly pop your bra off, exposing your breasts. All this time, I haven't touched you in fear of accidentally crossing an important boundary (except for gripping your legs, just for something to hold on to while sitting in the chair). You notice me staring at them, and then you lean in and whisper that this lap dance can be hands-on if I want it to be. Now I'm playing with your breasts and nipples and squeezing your ass. After a minute, you hop off, seductively dance while you pull your panties down, and get back on and start lapdancing some more, while occasionally pressing your pussy against my cock through my underpants.

Suddenly, without asking, you start feeling my torso underneath my shirt, and then you slowly pull my shirt off of me while rocking back and forth on my lap. You lean in because now neither of us can resist the skin-to-skin contact. Your chest is right up against mine as you're grinding away on my erection. You lean back and grab me by the hair on the back of my head and gently press my face onto one of your breasts to get me to suck on your nipples, which it turns out I'm happy to do.

While I'm kissing your tits, we realize that at some point, my dick came out of the flap in the front of my boxers... you test the waters and hump against my exposed dick a little bit. You decide the the boxers are just in the way now and pull them off. You figure that you should be a little more careful now that we're both naked, and you turn and continue the lapdance facing the other way. Occasionally your pussy accidentally makes contact with the underside of my hard dick, which at this point is flat against my body. Eventually you figure contact is unavoidable, and you start to slowly glide your pussy up and down my shaft, but without penetration. You figure that that makes it still just a lapdance. You get even more turned on, though. Still facing away, you grab my dick and sit on my lap with my dick sticking straight up, right in front of your vagina. You hump a little bit, and then lean back into me while playing with my hair, while I run my hands up and down the front of your body, occasionally toying with your pussy.

While still leaning against me, you grab my dick and slowly, slowly run your hand up and down it. You press my dick long-ways against your crotch with your hand, and hump while pressing them together. You're moaning. We're both starting to breathe hard (if we hadn't been already). There's no hiding the fact that you are wet.

You stand up, grab me by the hand, and lead me away from the chair the lapdance started on and onto your bed. You straddle me cowgirl, facing me, and grind your pussy onto my dick, closer and closer and harder and harder, sliding so close that my dick is between the lips of your vagina, basically feeling like sex, and holy fuck does it feel good for us both. I can't help but start to hump back. You lower your body all the way down onto mine while still straddling me, and we are now quickly grinding. Suddenly, you shift your hips a little and before I realize it, the tip of my dick is just barely, barely inside of you. Not even an inch. Maybe a centimeter or two, but just enough for you to shift your hips just slightly more to get the leverage you need to slowly lower yourself around my cock, finally crossing that line. Here we are, buck naked, with me inside of you, and all that was originally supposed to happen was a hands-off lapdance with zero intentional physical contact. It feels too good to regret though, and you keep grinding, only this time with me inside of you.

We continue fucking until we cum. How THAT part happens, I'll leave up to you.

So... any takers?

Hit me up with pics/stats. I'll reply with my own if you want them. Let's do this!

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